YAYB Eco Liquid Chalk 600ml +Cheap Bottle Refill Service

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  • ATTRACTIVE AND STRONG BRUSHED ALUMINIUM 600ML MEGA Bottle. This is a serious bottle of liquid chalk and will last even the most hardcore athlete quite a while.
  • WE OFFER a Cheap Refill Service on our metal bottle which saves you money and helps the environment. Plus you get to have your liquid chalk in a nice shiny bottle!
  • SIMPLY BUY YOUR REFILL HERE when you have used it all and send your bottle back to the address provided in the box we used for your first order. Simple.
  • AMAZING SUPER GRIP LIQUID CHALK FORMULA ALLOWING FOR EXTREMELY STRONG GRIP Our sports chalk has been made to provide the best grip available. We offer full customer support so if you are not happy for any reason we will always endeavor to make your purchase a good one.
  • THE ONLY LIQUID CHALK PROVIDING SAFE AND RELIABLE RESULTS Many other liquid sports chalks on the market use low grade ingredients that can irritate the hands and skin. We use pure magnesium carbonate which is the same as using a quality chalk ball or block without the mess!


Why should you use super grip liquid chalk? 

  • We offer a high quality liquid chalk that uses only the finest pharmaceutical grade magnesium carbonate gripping chalk, no cheap fillers.
      (You can see our certified purity certificate in our images.)
  • Cleans easily from the hands and equipment and is less likely to cause irritation due to the fact we use UK and EU certified pure ingredients. 

  • Comes in a huge 600ml size offering amazing value for money with our cheap refill service. and giving you more for the same price as our competitors. 

  • Professional power lifters and strength athletes use our chalk the reason being that it works and does not include anything it should not, one 
    of our athletes regularly deadlifts over 320kg with no issues at all and rack pulls much more with a solid, stable grip! 

  • We offer 100% satisfaction if you are not happy just let us know and we will arrange the right solution for you. You can buy with confidence. 
    We will make sure that you are happy.

    If you have any other questions at all please do ask and we will respond within 
    the same working day.