YAYB Premium Gain or Lose

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YAYB Gain or Lose is a versatile, great tasting & convenient product.

We have designed this product to either help you increase or decrease quality calories depending on your goal. You can use this as a weight gainer or as a meal replacement, if you wish to lose weight while keeping your protein intake up this would be ideal!

It is high in protein compared to many similar products on the market as a ratio of the carbohydrates contained.  We only use ultra fine powder oats and whey protein concentrate as the main ingredients (no lower grade proteins with incomplete amino acid profiles or lower % protein).

This means that our product gives longer lasting "slower burning" energy compared to other gainers that are based on maltodextrin or even dextrose, both of which are barely an improvement from pure sugar! 

YAYB Gain or Lose has been successfully used by many individuals to help them achieve their goals which include boosting calories easily and conveniently to get stronger! Want to lose weight? Great, this can be used as a meal replacement too! Easily cut your calories down by replacing a meal with a shake.

What is in the serving sizes?

Are you not sure how much you should be eating to either gain or lose weight?

Well, we can help with this step by step guide:

1, Go to a calorie estimator to find out what your daily food needs are. There are many available but this is one of them: 


2, Now you know what your calories are to maintain your weight at your current activity levels you simply subtract or add to this to either lose or gain weight.

To Lose weight a popular amount to reduce calories by is -500 calories. This will have you losing around 1lb per week or just under half a KG.

To Gain weight a popular amount is to add 200-500 calories per day to your daily maintenance calories.


This product should be used in conjunction with a healthy varied diet. If you are not sure about what you should be doing to achieve your goals then always consult a professional health expert.

Our product is designed to add a quick, easy and convenient top up to an already balanced diet. We know it is not always possible to cook a full meal when leading a busy life. Food should always be your number 1 priority when seeking to achieve any health related goal.