YAYB Refillable Super Chalk Ball

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  • YAYB REFILLABLE CHALK BALLS have been designed to be robust and properly reusable.
  • THEY ARE FILLED with 57 grams of the purest and best magnesium carbonate available which is EU and UK certified unlike most others.
  • THEY LET OUT just the right amount of chalk to avoid waste but still give great coverage!
  • WE INCLUDE A FREE YAYB secure tie for when you come to refill your chalk ball. All refillable chalk balls will leak chalk from the top so this handy tie completely clamps and secures after you refill. (The chalk ball comes already with a secure tie in place).
  • WE OFFER very cheap refills for chalk balls which will keep your costs even lower once you have bought the first chalk ball.

Why Choose The YAYB Refillable Chalk Ball?

Our Chalk balls are made in the UK and offer very good quality for an amazing price. We use only EU and UK certified magnesium carbonate. 
This Ensures that you get a consistently reliable product and you can be confident in your purchase. 

Build Quality 

Our chalk balls are made from a high quality mesh that will let just the right amount of chalk onto your hands without wasting any. 
We include an extra YAYB secure tie with each chalk ball which is used to secure the top once you have refilled the ball. 

We use this to stop any leakage from the small opening at the top which occurs on all refillable chalk balls. With your secure tie this will not be an issue! 

Each refillable chalk ball comes complete with a secure tie in place and an extra one for your refill. 

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