YAYB Strongman Truck/Sled Pulling Harness

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Why choose the YAYB Pro Pulling Harness?

  • Pull sleds, prowlers, tyres, cars, pick up trucks and Lorries! 
  • Extra Wide comfortable padded shoulder webbing for pulling massive objects.
  • Triple point rear attachment for even load spreading and more comfort. (we recommend you use all 3 attachment points to spread the load throughout your body).
  • Adjustable webbing in all areas to be one size fits all.
  • All steel buckles for reliable, heavy duty and dependable use.
  • Double and triple stitched throughout.
  • Made with high tension materials designed to be put under immense loads.
  • Truck pull ready (carabiners and tow rope not supplied).

This would be a great addition to any strength athlete's arsenal. You can use it to develop maximal strength by pulling heavy object like small truck and for the strong lads lorries and large trucks! You could also use it for lighter load pulling to work your endurance and conditioning (such as weighted sleds etc), it is incredibly effective and will quickly have you breathing hard!   

We supply boot camps and crossfit gyms in the UK with this harness for this very purpose and they love adding it to their training programs.

We recommend that you use all 3 attachment points to spread the load evenly across your body and the harness itself which makes it much more comfortable and safe, especially when pulling the larger/heavier objects.