Be consistent for long term results

Results you earn in the gym come down to just a few factors, the principles you use when training and how consistent you are at adhering to the training programme. 

We will delve into the realm of training principles at a later date, but for now we are going to look at how being consistent is as vital a factor as any other. 

If you are consistent at any task, 9 times out of 10, you will perform that task to a good standard. Resistance training is no different and in simple terms if you do it often and with care, you will do it well. 

We all have our reasons for starting out in the weights room. A number of factors could be involved, however the one thing that will determine our results more than any other is our ability to be consistent. 

Firstly, we need to be consistent with our training, this means find a programme that works for us and better our workouts week by week. Bettering our workouts doesn’t mean frag yourself aimlessly, it means monitoring our reps, our sets and total volume. It means consistently beating the numbers we set week after week. 

We need to consistently work hard, push ourselves and give it our all to achieve greater results at the end of each training session. As discussed above this doesn’t mean overworking! However, we will & do need to work harder every session to keep progressing within our workouts. 

We need to be consistent with our nutrition, not only feeding ourselves for performance pre & post workout but also day to day depending on the goals we set. The overall consistency we are able to keep with our nutrition will play a huge part in determining how our overall goals play out. 

This also doesn’t change for a seasoned lifter and is probably even more vital! A lifter of many years will find it much more difficult to achieve great results, meaning being consistent with solid training principles and our nutrition becomes even more vital. 

So you see, training and achieving goals is essentially a result of how consistent you have been over time. Have you been following your programme, executing the reps and sets, have you been consistent with your nutrition? 

All these factors will in some way determine the results you get when it comes to completing your goals and achieving the milestones you set out to accomplish. 

So go at it, work hard, be consistent and you will achieve results. Consistency holds a key very important to all of us! 

When all is said plus done, the results we achieve will hold a lot of thanks to the hard work and consistency we implement. 

Long term consistency, equals results.

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