Originally founded in Runcorn as carlslocalsupplements.com in 2014 i set out with a new idea.

It was to deliver great quality supplements and training equipment in the local area, cheaply and on the same day so people would not have to wait.  It started with friends, training partners and acquaintances but quickly grew to be more online than in person which was something i did not expect to begin with.  Until recently www.carlslocalsupplements.com was still in use, still delivering the same day and online and we stuck to branded supplements as our core business. 

Now we have changed over to our new brand and domain with an exciting mission. 

This mission is to bring people our own line of high quality and affordable yaybprotein supplements, pro gym equipment and clothing at really affordable prices and all with free delivery included.  Like you i love training and i want to bring you all the newest and best quality training items for a price you can afford without compromising on quality one bit.

Over time you will see more and more items being added beginning with our core yaybprotein whey protein which will be the most competitively priced online. In the meantime we will still continue to sell great quality branded items.

We also plan to add some items that are very innovative and different that can not be bought anywhere else at present so please do sign up for our email newsletter to keep up to date as these things are being worked on as we speak.

If you would like any further information please email at: info@yaybprotein.com




Carl Evans trading as YAYB Protein.