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Lifters Feedback

I ordered my super grip liquid chalk about a month ago and I can only give it good reviews , I use it every session and I've not once had a problem, I don't even need to use much and it helps me dramatically with keeping my grip as I'm a powerlifter and I deadlift up too 320kg over 700lb

Scott Nolan (powerlifter)

Fast Delivery. This is the best thing i have in my gym bag the way it has helped my bench is incredible and how it keeps your form nice and tight would recommend to anyone


Bench sling nicely helped my shoulder recover for i like heavy bench even after rotators cuffs surgery. Thank you fast shipper to

Hamad Asla

Loved this product. Perfect for my gym bag and is much longer lasting than any of the other liquid chalks I've tried before. 


Just thought i would let you know i am really happy with the free wraps you put in there and my order arrived quickly