Is Procrastination Destroying Your Progress In The Gym?

We all do it.. we think things through, we contemplate what it will take, we think some more, and ultimately none of the actual work gets done.

Procrastination, is the mother of everything that stops us, doing any of the things we want to achieve. It interrupts our thinking, gives us a sense of doubt, and can leave us in a rut. 

This state of mind has the ability to halt our progress in the gym.. lets be honest we all have a tendency from time to time, to over think the process. We worry about the tactics, the number of sets, how many reps, how many exercises per session and the timing of rest periods. 

Now let’s be clear.. it is ok to want to train optimally! However.. over do it and it could leave us in confused state, and this is just unnecessary.

The truth is, this overthinking is just harming you, it is doing you more damage than good. When training and constructing a plan, it is important to first do the basic things correctly. If you are focusing on compound movements, a full range of motion, plus proper execution and the progressive overload principle there is a lot that can be achieved.

Overthinking supersets, drop sets and complex exercises is just a way of confusing yourself. It is something that will take your mind away from doing the basics properly and as a result you are likely to get less work done. 

So what is the best way to counteract procrastination..

First of all we need to make a plan. This plan should involve basic principles, goals that going forward suit your current physique. Prioritize weaker body parts and set a program that will do this. Go for compound movements primarily, and then secondly some appropriate accessory exercises.

Once you have done this move to the movements, form and the efficiency of each repetition should be your focus, weight lifted should place secondary. Focus on progressive overload, more reps, volume and weight lifted over the coming weeks. Progressing on lifts and supplementing with adequate nutrition will lead to improvements being made.

You do not need to overthink the little things, you don’t need to find the most complex exercises or overly worry about supplementation. You don’t need to change your routine weekly, or alter exercises! Stay true to your goals, trust your program and back yourself. If your program isn’t working, you won’t realise it over night, give it a little time before rushing to change.

Procrastination in all forms is bad for you, in the gym it is not productive, in business it slows you down, in everyday life it can have detrimental effects on your mental well-being. 

When it comes to building a physique or bettering your current shape stop overthinking it. Set a goal, use solid principles, follow the plan, go with it and trust your instincts. 

If you are really stuck, you can’t seem to find your way, and are lost within your own training, enlist the help of a coach. A coach will not only be impartial, a good one will help clarify any situation you may be unsure of and make it simple.

Remember keep it simple stupid, look up the K.I.S.S principle. Don’t overthink, don’t over complicate and don’t procrastinate. Doing this will not benefit you or your physique going forward.

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