An Introduction To Strongman

In 2002 with only 4 weeks till Christmas , your sat by the TV waiting, knowing whats going to air . The screen goes black and then there it is! The worlds strongest man. You wait, watching all the athletes be named and you finally get to see the hero himself Mariusz pudzianowski the future in strongman. You watch as they lift and pull the greatest of weights that are only achieved in your dreams. Then they crown THE WORLDS STRONGEST MAN 2002! Mariusz pudzianowskiiiii !! He did it! He has taken the worlds strongest man title , and that's what I want to be when I grow up… A strongman. That is the beginning for most people in the journey to becoming a strongman.

Now you are a bit older and you sign up to a gym and start trying what everyone is doing 3 sets of 10 reps. Following people around trying the weights and the machines that people are using. This goes on for weeks and weeks. Now so you start training more regularly , you get bigger and more defined but yet not as strong as you would like . That is where most people make their first mistake, training like a bodybuilder.

The first thing I would tell anyone is to research training tips , weights , reps , events. Anything that can help you. Most people don’t know where to begin plus don’t be scared to ask or join in with people. Everyone has to start from somewhere in the gym and training with people is the greatest way to get motivated and stay safe at the same time.

The second point of call is exercise selection and working out what is best for you. As you can tell, a lot of strongmen don’t have abs or look like a bodybuilder! Unless you have amazing genetics in your body. When finding the exercises that will be right for you i advise you to find someone that can build a program for you to follow. If you are 100% willing and commited then don’t be afraid to spend some money on a well planned program to your level of fitness and strength. Programming your workouts is key to routine and most of all recovery. Which leads me on to the third part.

Recovery is a massive part in getting stronger, as you workout out your body breaks down muscles and pulls micro muscle fibers apart and they get damaged while training . Sleep and rest aids the repair of these muscle fibers and grows them thicker and stronger which in-turn gives you more muscle and strength. This takes place over time, strength doesn't come over night. Their are other forms of treatment that will aid in recovery. For people that are starting out then foam rolling and just stretching will help improve recovery and help with future exercise range of motion and avoid injuries. As you progress into the sport look at different health providers that offer physio, massage and cupping. Also, hot and cold treatment plus many other possibly effective options that are available.

The last key point is diet. Most people in a gym will say they are on low carbohydrates and low calorie diets with high protein. These types of people often make my ears burn as everyone is different with very different metabolic rates that change over time . With any power sport you can burn out very quickly. Carbohydrates and overall calories that the people in the gym told you not to take in would come in very handy. Look into good diet programs that are right for your body , calories can start from 3000 and go up to 10000+. It all depends on your body and what works best for you.
Don’t be scared to ask supplement retailers for advice. Experienced staff both online and in person will have great knowledge about supplements and food intake and what is best for the sport you are training for.

John Thompson.

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