The Best Ways To Get A Bigger Deadlift

First thing I would say is to research as much as you can. If you look on forums, reddit and YouTube you can find some good information but as a warning you will find a lot of people doing deadlifts with bad form or no form at all! Looking like an angry cat! Don't do that. You should be totally focused on good form, that is what makes you grow and get stronger.

Learning good form reduces injury risk to major parts of the body that if damaged could lead to a lot of time out of the gym and even work. However when deadlifting the risk is never zero. Good form will even out the stress caused by the lift rather than placing a large load on a specific area like the lower back. Good form also increases performance and teaches the muscles to work at the right times to get the bar from the floor to the lockout position more efficiently. When you lift with good form, the bar follows a path that allows for the legs, hips, and back to move better and more freely which in turn improves the lift.

Once you've done a few reps on a low weight, you are ready to work towards a more powerful lift. Small things can help to change the deadlift and increase the power output.

For conventional deadlift your feet should be spaced hip-width apart with your grip just outside your legs. If this does not suit you then move your feet till you feel comfortable. Also try and use different grips to improve strength as this is a key thing people tend to miss out on.

Your back should be flat and never curved as this can cause massive amounts of discomfort or even pain and the risk of injury goes from very little to an extreme chance of damage to the body. Your shoulders should be back and tight so you can get a good tight back as you pull the bar towards the knees. This can help prevent curving your back and can also help the bar stay in contact with your legs for the entire range of motion.

Rep range is very important and depends what you want your end goal to be. For example if your goal is bodybuilding you would have higher rep to set range than you would if your aim is for powerlifting or strongman. They would be lower reps and sets but higher loads being lifted. this said look into programs and other people to see what their rep range and weights are to give you a guide.

My own deadlift strategy and workout:

  • Warm up hamstrings and quads and making sure that I target my hip hinge for when I do my lifts to reduce the chance of injury.
  • Then on to a light row machine to warm up the top half and lower back followed by a warm up set of good mornings.
  • Then comes the warm-up sets on the barbell working from 100kg 5 reps and increasing by 40kg per set until 180kg for the last 5 reps.
  • Once warm up is complete I normally set the bar to 70% max weight and do roughly 3 sets of 5 reps . As the weeks progress the weight % will rise until 1 rep max week.
  • At some point in the weeks I do 1 deload week where my weight will be less than 70% and the reps are increased to give the nervous system a break . 

So a big question is “do you know if a weight's too heavy?” Easy answer is does it come off the floor .. no .. to heavy also does your form go out the window when you deadlift… yes … it's too heavy when form breaks down this can cause problems with your back. If your spine rounds or your hips and knees don't move together, the weight is probably too heavy. So the safe thing to do is lower the weight and start building up from there.

A big point which gets asked a lot is what is the point in doing deadlifts? Why bother to learn the deadlift? You can train your back on other equipment without the risk of hurting yourself.The simple answer is that they do not just work your back but your full body from legs , shoulders , bicep , triceps , forearm , back , it's one of the most effective exercises for the body to gain maximum strength. They aid with size as well Since they are a full-body movement that use a lot of muscle mass.

In short, deadlifting will build muscle, improve strength, give you a larger more powerful frame and better core strength. They will aid you in becoming a great lifter in the gym and help you hit bigger and better goals when done correctly.


John Thompson.

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