What To Do If You Get injured In Strongman

Pushing hard in the gym has a lot of benefits but this is only if you keep your body in check and if you do not develop or have many complications. The main way to stop this is to make sure it does not happen in the first place! Make sure to: foam roll, Massage, Physio , Stretch and use hot and cold treatment on injuries. There are many other ways of helping to stay safe like training equipment such as supports, belts etc while training. All the equipment you need can be found here.

So, you have been training for a while and one day you feel a sharp pain in the body somewhere. It could be the bicep, tricep, back, quads, chest etc and you feel like the gym life is over! and you want to throw in the towel! This does not have to happen....

Firstly, go and seek medical advice and help as something very painful can turn out to be a small problem sometimes. Never take the risk, go and seek help .

Once you have received medical help look into training around the problem if possible. Change your program or avoid a set of muscle groups that are injured.  As said above, use equipment (supports) to reduce anymore damage or pain while training.

Another way to reduce pain or damage is to lower the weights you are using and reduce impact on the muscle and nervous system which can greatly improve repair time and still keeps the muscle working .

Once you feel confident and comfortable to start lifting heavy again slowly work the weights up and do not jump in at the deep end . Even when you feel like your body can take the strain it can still have small hidden damage that might take a while longer to repair, so slow and steady.

If the damage is bad then seek outside help to recover quickly. There are many places available that can help with this but the down side can be cost … It can cost a small fortune if a problem continues (Physio etc) but this is a personal choice on how quickly you would like to recover.

Having the right people on board can greatly improve healing of the body and can give you great advice on hot to maintain your health after the injury. This is just as important to stop it recurring in the future .

The most important thing I will say is never give up and adapt to overcome the problem and don’t let it beat you! Seek the best advice and try to work around the problem by using your imagination. Learn how to improve your body to stop it recurring and most of all keep motivated and keep your goals and work towards them. Every cloud has a silver lining.


Thank you,

John Thompson.

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