YAYB Smelling Salts - MONSTROUS SERIES (medium to high strength)

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YAYB "Monstrous" Smelling Salts Give You a Powerful Kick!

  • YAYB Smelling Salts are regularly used by: Strongmen, Strong women, Powerlifters, Bodybuilders and many other strength athletes!

  • YOU WILL BE AWAKENED! FLIP THE SWITCH, LET'S GO! some of the strongest athletes in the UK use our smelling salts to help give them the kick they need before hard sets and reps.

  • POWERFUL INTENSITY MEDIUM TO HIGH POWER FORMULA to help you focus and unleash your inner animal!

  • AMMONIA BASED and comes in a quality safety lock container and outer packaging for a longer lasting life.

  • MODERATE TO HIGH Power formula. This is a good all-rounder at a competitive price! Keep your eyes peeled for our "Monstrous Turbo Charged" edition smelling salts. A super powerful formula, our most powerful salts ever, coming soon!



Carefully open the lid slowly (build up of pressure can occur) by depressing whilst unscrewing. Once you have removed the lid make sure to keep the bottle upright and steady before use. Be careful to keep the contents away from direct contact with your mouth, eyes and skin. Carefully move the bottle incrementally until you can smell the pungent Ammonia. Avoid all physical contact with the contents. CLOSE LID IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE.

Always read the full instructions on the bottle thoroughly before use.