YAYB 'Bench Monster' Bench Press Maximizer (20-25% increase)

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  • The Bench Monster Maximizer is a Major assistance in strength and will allow you to handle weights typically at least 20-25+% more than you can usually push!
  • Essential to the more advanced lifter looking to smash through some serious weight and take their bench up to the next level. The 400lb level.
  • Perfect for those nursing any kind of injury such as: Elbow issues, shoulder issues, tricep and bicep issues, pectoral strains and more. Many people can train again and work around existing problems pain free!
  • Reinforced toughened extra strong stitching and high tension material, built for those that want performance and durability.
  • more than capable of being used in multiple exercises as shown in the pictures. Dips, Dumbbell bench press, Press ups, incline press and many more!
  • Great benefits for all sports: Bodybuilding, Power lifting, Power Building and Olympic lifters looking to build lock out strength through bench work etc. Even the general gym goer looking to improve their performance and size/strength will benefit massively. 


We advise anybody using the Maximizer to always have strong spotters and to warm up with it so that you are used to the movement before attempting any heavier weights. Due to the weights being significantly heavier than what you would usually be used to moving (if you are using it for strength, you can also use it for rep work too).