John Thompson

I started strongman in only 2016.

I took to the gym after hearing of the benefits of strongman from my then physiotherapist who was treating my injured wrist. He advised me to give it a go to strengthen myself again. 

I grew to love the sport and have continually taken it further year by year having battled through many challenges and plateaus. My ambition is to soon compete in the UK's strongest man over 120KG where the standard is world class and the competition is fierce.

Now 8 competitions later i have gained a wealth of experience and learned a lot along the way. Here is a snapshot of my competitive record to present:


  • UK's Strongest Man U120KG 4th place 2018

  • North Wales strongest man 4th place 2018

  • Chester's Strongest Man 1st place 2017

  • Plus 2x Wales Strongest man competitor and numerous other regional competitions. 


I have helped train numerous strongmen to achieve great success and get to a level of strength they never dreamed would be possible. Go ahead and read my blog for some great content on strongman subjects and just getting bigger, stronger and faster in every way!

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