Kyle Mccullough | Strongman and Powerlifter


Kyle started training by chance, reluctantly visiting the gym with friends. After finding his feet he quickly learned that with his work ethic he was becoming strong very quickly. He began to love training more and more which grew into a desire to compete in strongman.

Already with 2 successful competitions in the bank and the hope of qualifying for England's strongest man in the very near future Kyle has the potential to go a long way in strongman or powerlifting. 

Kyle started working with YAYB at the end of 2017. We supply him with all of his strongman and strength training gear which has helped him to add that extra few percent to his lifts! We could and still can see the huge potential.

Strongman and Powerlifting are very brutal tough sports!

He has been training since the age of 16 and has some very impressive lifts already at only the age of 23.  

In a snapshot check out his best lifts

Bench press: 210KG

Deadlift: 330KG

Overhead press: 165KG

Squat: 330KG


Kyle's routine is a straight forward 4 day split:

Chest- triceps 
Legs cardio 
Events and shoulders 

(you can't argue with the results)


Check out a few videos of Kyle's lifts:

200kg bench press

290kg Squat

 The first time he put 150kg overhead!



Kyle placed 2nd at Birmingham's strongest man and will be aiming to compete in the UK's in the very near future.

We will soon be updating the progress with more amazing feats of strength to come!