Atlas Stone Spray On Tacky (125ml)

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YAYB Atlas Stone Spray On Tacky is the perfect solution for light to medium weight atlas stone training, where you need a boost in friction but not full on regular tacky!

The advantage is that it is much faster and less messy than regular tacky. There is no need to heat it or clean up the huge mess that normal tacky creates.

Key Highlights of YAYB Atlas Stone Spray On Tacky:

•  MADE IN THE UK with extremely high quality ingredients to help give you the best traction possible. We take sourcing our ingredients seriously and we only use the best! (Size 125ml premium sprayer).

•  GET IN GET OUT! Our spray on tacky is much quicker to use than regular tacky.

•  PERFECT FOR LIGHT / MEDIUM STONES. It will give you that extra bit of friction you need.

•  FAST CLEAN UP and much less mess than normal tacky.

•  A FEW SPRAYS OF OUR TACK REMOVER and you will quickly be rid of the thinner coat of tacky this product creates. 


In certain circumstances our spray tacky can prove useful for other sports and endeavors where a tacky grip is needed or desired.

You may also want to consider our tacky remover "unstick me" which is perfect for removing this product or regular tacky after a training session. HERE