CLAW RIPPER Technologies Liquid Chalk 250ml

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We are happy announce that YAYB is now selling the newest of our product editions "Claw Ripper" Liquid Chalk. 


  • CLAW RIPPER Liquid Chalk is a high strength grip matrix which is designed for brutal workouts that push you to your absolute limits!
  • QUICKER DRYING times of around 30 seconds mean you can get back to the bar ASAP.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTIES are always a nice thing to have in grimy gyms! Claw Ripper gives you this while also delivering a titanic grip!
  • USED BY STRONG STRONG ATHLETES! Our liquid chalk is used by some of the strongest people in the country. 150kg farmers walks each hand? No Problem. 300+KG Deadlift For Reps? We have you covered!
  • TAKE YOUR TRAINING up a level and start using claw ripper now! Our liquid chalk is made in the UK and it is also of a much thicker consistency than most others giving you amazing value for money! If you are not happy you can return with no problems.