Dancers Grip by YAYB for Pole Dancing & Grip | Silicon Liquid Chalk alternative

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  • DANCERS GRIP BY YAYB IS A PREMIUM SILICON BASED FORMULA that is designed to significantly aid your grip while pole dancing. It helps to give a good bite to your grip on the pole, with little slippage.
  • CAN BE USED FOR OTHER SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES INVOLVING GRIP: Climbing, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Yoga, Gymnastics etc.
  • MESS FREE AND ROSIN FREE so can be used in many environments including pole competitions (some of which ban rosin in products). Plus, anti-bacterial properties for when you are sharing equipment.
  • WORKS IN HOT/COLD CONDITIONS AND IS EASY TO CLEAN from your hands with simple soap and water. Wipes easily away from equipment and leaves no lasting residue on poles or other equipment.
  • UNIQUE FORMULA DESIGNED AND MADE AT YAYB HQ in the United Kingdom. Our experienced team is responsible for the Super Grip Family of highly rated grip products. We are delighted to add Dancers Grip to our range, for the pole community.


Why choose Dancers Grip?

Dancers Grip is different to our other grip products and is aimed more at pole dancing specifically. The reason that it works better for pole is due to it being silicon based rather than magnesium carbonate based (traditional gym chalk) which we use in our Super Grip Liquid chalk products.

We have found that the silicon base works much better on the smooth chrome surface of a pole for many people. Here at YAYB HQ GB we have tested hundreds of Dancers Grip formulas on a pole dancing friction test station to find which one gives the best balance of grip and duration between applications.

We believe we have found the ideal balance that will keep you gripping powerfully for longer, with increased confidence. Take yourself to the next level with Dancers Grip!