Heavy Duty Triple Layer Sandbag for Strongman (upto 150KG)

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Why Choose The YAYB Strongman Sandbag?

  • THE YAYB HEAVY DUTY SANDBAG is the complete kit. An outer incredibly tough jacket layer, an inner anti burst layer and at the core is our YAYB multi woven high stress sand liner!
  • YOU GET an inner sand liner with 3 YAYB heavy secure ties, the high tensile strength fabric inner liner and the outer high tensile strength jacket complete with a monstrous zip and velcro secure close over.
  • MANY TRAINING SANDBAGS on the market comprise only 1 layer and a liner. We have found that a second high tensile strength fabric bag helps to prevent leakage and bursts. Making our bag among the strongest if not the overall strongest and best on the market today!
  • YAYB STRONGMAN SANDBAGS are the ultimate for a quick and easy alternative to those without access to atlas stones. Perfect for boot camps and gyms alike. Our equipment is used by some of the strongest Men and Women in the UK including national level competitors!
  • THE SANDBAGS come in 3 sizes from small to large. Varying from 45KG to 150KG! Please see our chart in the images or below for the weight you would like.


What are the benefits of YAYB sandbag training?

They are the perfect addition to your training program and can be used for a variety of purposes. The first being strongman. 
Many other strength athletes benefit from using sandbags due to the fact that they are so hard to manage and a very awkward load!

They will make you work harder! Much harder!  They are great for the Crossfiter, Powerlifter and even the general gym goer that wants to get stronger and 
challenge themselves. 

Sandbag Weight Chart:

Small:        45KG

Medium:    95KG

Large:       150KG 

We recommend that you choose the sandbag closest to the weight you would like to achieve. You can alter the weight by the amount of sand that you put into the bag. 

Build Quality 

YAYB Strongman Sandbags are built to the highest of standards using our triple layer format to prevent leakage and bursting unlike others on the market. 
All the materials used are the strongest grade which are used in many other demanding industrial applications. Choose YAYB for your strength journey!