TUTTS Industries Liquid Chalk 250ml

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We are proud to announce that we are currently the only official UK distributor of TUTTS Industries liquid chalk! 


  • TUTTS LIQUID CHALK is made in the UK to the highest standards with certified pure ingredients. You can be confident that you are receiving a great product! Every time.
  • PERFECT for weight lifting, power lifting, rock climbing, gymnastics, crossfit, bodybuilding, Pole chalk and many activities involving grip strength.
  • EXTREMELY CONVENIENT to use and dries quickly offering quicker application and easy cleaning afterwards.
  • TRAIN HARDER and get more out of your sets or sport with our amazing liquid chalk formula that stays on your hands for longer. Having a stronger grip is proven to increase performance in many activities.
  • QUALITY AND VALUE. Tutts liquid chalk has a higher viscosity than almost any other due to the fact that we use a larger amount of the active grip ingredient (magnesium carbonate). Our liquid chalk also offers antibacterial properties along with this which is a great additional benefit for your chosen training environment.