YAYB Power Elbow Sleeves 7mm (pair) Extreme Heavy Duty

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  • THE MOST DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE ON THE MARKET. Made with 7mm SCR neoprene with sweat technology the highest quality available.
  • SINGLE SEAM WITH REINFORCED DOUBLE STITCHING For the most durable and strong way to close a sleeve. Many sleeves have multiple seams which means they have many weak points and break after multiple uses. These will not let you down even when you are lifting extreme weight.
  • SUPERIOR COMPRESSION just where you need it. Providing forearm, bicep and elbow support throughout the entire range of motion.

 Why Choose YAYB Fitness Pro Elbow Sleeves Over Others?

Build Quality

We set out with 1 goal. To make the best elbow sleeves available, and by many accounts we have succeeded! We talked to many top powerlifters and strongmen. We then tried and tested many designs and materials and found that the single seam design is the most effective in many ways. It is most comfortable, strongest, most durable and adds the most support and spring to your lifts. We use the highest quality SCR sweat technology neoprene available developed specifically for high stress forces.


We want your sleeves to last! Since we train ourselves we noticed that many cheaper sleeves crack and break after a few months. We only use the best available material made in Germany to the highest specifications.



Some of the strongest Men in the North West use our sleeves and trust them under the most extreme loads. Bench pressing in excess of 220kg with massive relief to their elbows. The sleeves add to your lifts by giving you a slight spring and when combined with the extra support can add some KG's to your lifts. All of your pressing lifts will have increases to varying amounts.

Are they right for me? They seem very extreme.... These are perfect for anybody in strength sports, better to be over protected than not enough! Whether it be crossfit, bodybuilding, olympic lifting, strongman, power lifting, the general gym goer , gymnasts and many others.

Male or Female it does not matter simply measure the circumference of your lower bicep and upper forearm and refer to the chart in the images above.




" Was skeptical

Got to be honest i had a punt on these i always go high brow for my gear and last bought SBD. I had them for just over 10 months and they were getting pretty loose and worn out. Don't get me wrong they are good but i didn't want to pay that much again. After giving these a go i am not disappointed they are very well made and just as good for me. They feel a bit more supportive on the heavier lifts even so can't complain. Excellent value for money if you ask me. "


" Elbow tendonitis

I had been battling with my left elbow hurting me for 4 and 1/2 months. So subsequently bought these 3 weeks ago and have noticed a marked improvement in the symptoms to date. Today i was able to lift what i used to before the flare up. 
This prompted me to come here and leave a quick review. For somebody that has to go to the gym regularly to stay sane these have been a great help. "



Absolutely love them. I moved back to powerlifting for bench only from crossfit as i herniated my L1 and L2 (blame that). I previously had the Mark Bell strong sleeves which i really liked but they needed replacing. One of my friends bought some off ebay and said they were good so i gave them a go and they really are fantastic. I have had them on 3x a week for a few months and they look hardly even used. 
5 stars from me they are great for bench i get a bit more out of them than my old ones just over 5kg. "