YAYB High Impact Figure 8 Deadlift Straps (Made With Seat Belt Material)

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Why Choose YAYB High Impact Deadlift Straps?

  • MADE WITH SUPER STRONG SEAT BELT MATERIAL meaning our deadlift straps are among if not the toughest on the market today!
  • SUPER STRONG HIGH TENSILE INDUSTRIAL STITCHING in all parts of the straps giving you full confidence in the most strenuous of lifts.
  • OUR HIGH IMPACT SEAT BELT STRAPS ARE PERFECT FOR: Strongman, Powerlifting, Weight lifting, Bodybuilding, Crossfit and ANY other demanding strength sport!
  • EXTRA THICK HIGH QUALITY PADDING which helps to distribute the immense forces equally which means you can focus on the lift and not how much your straps are killing you.
  • TESTED AT OVER 640KG! (sold as a pair). Please choose the correct size from the chart in the images.


Our deadlifting figure 8 straps are made of high quality seat belt material that has the highest strength available for this application. All stitching within our straps is also made with the same high tensile seat belt material. 
We have also included extra thick neoprene padding which evenly distributes pressure through the hands and wrists. 
When you put all of this together you have one of the best set of straps on the market today! 

Sizing and Instructions For Use 

Please make sure to use the sizing chart provided in the images and here:

SMALL:      6.8 inches and below (Below 17.3cm)
MEDIUM:    6.8 inches to 7.75 inches (17.3 to 19.7cm)
LARGE:      7.75 inches and above (19.7cm) 

Attention! Important note..... Many are unaware that with figure 8 straps it may be necessary to twist the loose end of the strap once you have put it around the bar before putting it on the other hand. 
You may need to do so twice depending on the diameter of the bar used to get the desired tightness. Once you are locked in place the straps are like a vice for your grip!

Build Quality 

All of our deadlift straps are manufactured with attention to detail and the best materials. 
We know that you need your training equipment to work every time and be completely reliable. 
Choose YAYB for this small part of your strength journey, We will not let you down.