YAYB Multi Use Atlas Stone Straps

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  • YAYB Atlas Stone Straps Are a Tough And Versatile Tool. Used For Both Stone Loading Practice (without having to use tacky all the time)And Other Purposes
  • Overload Your Atlas Stone Training. Our Stone Straps Will Help You Go Heavier Without Having Your Grip Being The Defining Issue. Feel Out Those Big Stones!
  • They are Very Strong. Made From a High Tensile Strength Material. They Will Take The Heaviest Of Stones In Their Stride!
  • They Can Be Used To Add Variety To Your Training. Pull ups, T bar rows, Pull downs, Sled Pulls, Kettlebell swings. These can all be done with your YAYB Atlas Stone Straps.
  • YAYB Equipment is used by some of the strongest people in the UK. Get Overloading your stone training today




How Do I Use Them?

Simply put your hands through the loops and when you go to pick a stone up the strap goes around the stone 
which holds your hands in place on the stone! Easy. 

Build Quality:

Our stone straps have been made especially for atlas stone training but can be used for other training purposes also. 
They have been made to be used with heavy stones and have been strengthened in all the right areas for this purpose. 

Tested by and used by some of them strongest men in the UK.

Take your training to the next level!