YAYB Premium Purity Epsom Salts – Bath Salts – Hard Tubs or Resealable Bags

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YAYB EPSOM BATH SALTS are high quality British Pharmacopoeia Standard. This means you get a consistent, pure and easily dissolvable product.

WE USE ONLY FINE GRADE (1-3mm Particle size) meaning that you will not be left with hard pieces that have not dissolved properly.

USED BY SOME OF THE STRONGEST ATHLETES IN THE UK to help relax heavily worked muscles after intense exercise. Relax, unwind, promote sleep and recovery.

COMES IN A VARIETY OF HARD PLASTIC TUBS or Mylar bags, which are all resealable. We also include a free 100 gram measuring scoop so you can find the correct amount for your bath, minimising waste.

100% PURE Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts).


YAYB Premium Purity Epsom Bath Salts are the perfect product to help you relax and unwind after a hard training session. What better than to dunk yourself into a hot Epsom Salts bath after a tough deadlift or squat session! There is no feeling quite like it.

Our Epsom Bath salts are extremely high quality, certified British Pharmacopeia standard and a consistently small particle size for fast, efficient dissolving.

Our customer base of strength athletes some of which are UK record holders demand only the very best products, so we deliver that!