YAYB Pro Compression Cuff (sold as pair)

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  • Perfect For Adding Compression to muscles to lessen pain and tendonitis.
  • High Quality Design for use in powerlifting, strongman and any other demanding strength sport.
  • Great Value. Our cuffs are sold as a pair for the size chosen unlike others
  • Many Sizes Available so whether you are using them for your arms or legs we have you covered!
  • SIZING (IMPORTANT) We recommend that you buy cuffs around 2 inches smaller than the circumference of where you want to compress for an average to tight fit. 


Why Choose The YAYB Pro Compression Cuffs? 

We offer you amazing value and the highest quality. Not only this but our cuffs are sold in pairs not singles! 
A lot of tension problems are symmetrical so you absolutely need 2 cuffs! 
Many professional strength athletes and competitors in national level strongman use YAYB gear. 
The reason is that we offer great quality and because we are lifters too we give it to you at a price we would like!

Build Quality:

YAYB Pro compression cuffs are triple stitched and use the best grade material that there is available.
We understand that they need to be tough and so they are built for a punishing!