YAYB Pro Knee Wraps Heavy Duty For Powerlifting /Strongman (Pair)

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Watch videos of our heavy gauge knee wraps in use

YAYB Pro Knee Wraps for Competition Lifters

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our powerlifting knee wraps which have been developed and tested in accordance with the wants and needs of top competitive powerlifters and strongmen.

Note: These wraps are suitable for lifters who are at competition level in powerlifting and strongman and will be managing serious serious weight and need support and performance they can rely on.

Why choose YAYB knee wraps?

These are premium knee wraps made specifically for serious non casual lifters that want high performance and to get more out of their gear. Manufactured with thicker material which has more rebound within the fabric than regular grade knee wraps. This means that you will get more of a bounce from them and thus the ability to lift more in the squat.

They are built with the principles of exploiting elastic rebound to a higher degree than regular wraps due to the increased thickness and elastic concentration within the material. This also adds to the durability. Meaning your wraps will last for a long time.

(If you train raw we advise you to build up slowly as you may be surprised by how much they add to your top numbers).

We also use a high grade velcro with superior adhesion so that when you are locked in your wraps they will not come off until you want them to!

This is a one size fits all product suitable for both men and women.