YAYB Pro Lever Action 4 Prong Belt (Powerlifting/Strongman standard)

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  • OUR BELTS ARE MADE WITH MULTIPLE LAYERS of quality leather which are designed to mold to the body after multiple uses giving a custom fit around the contours of your midsection for maximum support.
  • QUALITY CONTROL IS PARAMOUNT our lever belts are extremely well made and manufactured to the highest standards, with the strength athlete in mind. Tried, tested and loved by powerlifters, strongmen and bodybuilders.
  • OUR BUCKLE IS A TOUGH steel 4 prong design chosen for it's reliability and strength above other lever designs.
  • THE BELT ALSO COMPRISES A DOUBLE STITCHED outer rim with tough thread and black finish treated leather which is deigned to withstand extreme pressure and high demand usage.
  • ONCE YOU HAVE SET YOUR BELT TO THE RIGHT SIZE it is a very simple and smooth lever action close and release so you will not need to wrestle with racks and other people to get your belt closed tightly!


Why use the YAYB Pro Lever Action Powerlifting Belt?

Our Lever action belt has been designed with the serious lifter in mind, specifically for powerlifters at a high level of training. We have incorporated premium layered leather which conforms to your midsection after multiple uses and offers a lot more support than the usual belt design. 
We also opted for a tough precision steel lever buckle which is incredibly strong and will function smoothly for years to come. 

Product Quality 

From start to finish in production our manufacturing facility uses state of the art technology to layer the leather and bond it. High tensile thread is used to sew the edges and a treated black leather finish come as standard making our belts incredibly hard wearing. 


Please see our sizing chart in the product pictures to find the right size for you. This product is suitable for both men and women simply match your waist size to the chart following the instructions.