YAYB Protein Hip Band Advanced Heavy Edition (premium)

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Watch videos of our hip circle in use 

  • HIGHEST TENSION GLUTE BAND AVAILABLE. Please see our blue glute circle listing if you are new to training or have not developed sufficient glute strength.
  • INNER GRIPPY CORE We use an inner grippy premium core so that your band will remain in place throughout your workout.
  • REINFORCED DOUBLE STITCH JOIN we noticed that many glute training bands come apart at the join after many uses. For this reason we had ours extra stitched at this weak point so they are very strong and will not let you down.
  • PREMIUM GRADE MATERIAL is designed to last and keep its elasticity perfect for a long time so you can always get a consistent tension and workout over time. Made stronger than any other band on the market.
  • IS AN AMAZING warm up tool before Squats, Deadlifts or any other lower body exercise. Activating your glutes before compound exercises can increase your performance even more.
  • BUILDS even more explosive power for the already advanced lifter. Ideal for taking your training up a notch when you are already a bit of a beast to begin with.

Why Choose The YAYB Protein Hip Band Over Others? 

We took other designs and tested them out ourselves to find some of the common issues. One of which was 
the coming apart of the join after repeated heavy usage. 
We are one of the only brands that insists on reinforced double stitching at the join so that your glute trainer will 
last for a long time and give you consistent, intense workouts! 

Material Quality 

We use the best quality material available with the most elastication per inch of fibre which means that over time 
our bands will endure much better and give less wear and tear. 

Some Of The Strongest Athletes In the North West UK Use Our Bands 

They perform at the highest levels squatting and deadlifting into the 700lb+ range and have used our products to 
help take them to this extreme standard. We use their feedback to continually improve and give the dedicated 
athlete exactly what they need.