YAYB Rosin Free Edition Liquid Chalk - Great for climbing

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  • YAYB Rosin Free Edition Liquid Chalk is made here in the UK at YAYB HQ.

    Following calls from the climbing community for a version of our beloved and highly rated Super Grip liquid chalk but without rosin as an ingredient. We have developed this alternative version.

  • You may be wondering what the difference is to our Traditional liquid chalk and why make another version? Many climbing centres and even outdoor climbing venues prefer a liquid chalk without rosin as an ingredient as it is easier to keep the routes clean from the build-up of rosin over time. (Rosin is an extract from trees and is a very sticky natural substance, amber in colour).

  • Although we believe the addition of rosin really helps with the staying power of our traditional liquid chalk (it helps to keep chalk on the hands for longer) we recognize the need for an alternative for those that participate in climbing especially. Many really want to use our liquid chalk but may not be able to currently. We have boosted the level of magnesium carbonate a little higher again to aid in the performance of this version.  

  • About our formula and quality control. We use food grade UK/EU certified Magnesium Carbonate and a small amount of food additive grade Methyl Cellulose in a specific grade that stops our liquid chalk from separating out over time while having negligible effect on performance. This is very important to preserve the even distribution of magnesium carbonate throughout the product for even and consistent chalking. It also helps to prevent waste due to keeping our formula tip top for longer and thus helps the environment. Aside from these ingredients we use a natural lemon essential oil, alcohol, and water. (this is the same for our original super grip liquid chalk).

  • Here at YAYB HQ we like to send out substantial amounts of any new product to our existing athletes for them to test out in real world training situations before we start to sell to our valued paying customers. We have found that the feedback from our Rosin Free Edition Liquid chalk has been overwhelmingly positive.


Why Choose YAYB Liquid Chalk?


Whether it is our original liquid chalk or our rosin free edition we take great pride in making sure the quality of our product is always on point. We control every aspect of production from selection of premium grade ingredients to prepping, mixing, bottling, labelling and quality packaging to make sure that you receive a quality product that works the way it should, every time.