YAYB Super Grip Chalk Block (Improved shape)

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If you prefer block chalk as your chosen grip aid then you are going to love our new YAYB Super Grip Chalk Block! Our chalk block comes in a nice handy shape. 

This is much more pleasant to chalk up with as you can hold it in one hand as a complete block and still get great chalk coverage, no need to break it down to smaller pieces!


  • Made here in the UK at YAYB HQ with our high grade UK/EU grade magnesium carbonate. 
  • No Fillers or additives are present in this block chalk. Purely high grade chalk and that's it!  
  • Our chalk is used and tested by some of the strongest lifters in the UK! Our chalk puck is a welcome addition to any gym bag. You can even use our chalk block to chalk up your upper back and traps for more friction on the bar for heavy squat days.
  • Our chalk pucks are more compact and easy to use than the usual blocks of chalk. They will fit in most chalk bags in whole form as they are. They also come in a plastic resealable bag so waste is reduced and you can keep any broken pieces together, sealed away.
  • Our chalk blocks are ideal for: Climbing, Bouldering, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman/Woman and other sports where grip is important.
  • Our 40g chalk blocks and 86g round chalk pucks (1 and 2 packs) are delivered in a large letter format so you do not need to be home for delivery.