YAYB Super Grip Liquid Chalk Black Label | Multiple Sizes

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  • THE ULTIMATE LIQUID CHALK - Comes in a handy 250ml bottle. Offering the highest quality and affordability compared with many liquid chalks on the market. Whether it be for weightlifting, power lifting, rock climbing, gymnastics or many other activities involving grip. Our liquid chalk will guarantee sweat free, solid gripping! Allowing you to perform the activity better and get much more out of it!

(YAYB Black Label Liquid chalk is the same as YAYB white label liquid chalk, the only difference being the label colour)

    • ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTIES: High alcohol content helps to keep surfaces it is applied to sterile.
    • SOME OF THE STRONGEST PEOPLE IN THE UK use our liquid chalk. UK record holders trust YAYB Liquid chalk when they need to perform at their best. When grip is of utmost importance you need YAYB Super Grip Liquid Chalk!
    • AMAZING SUPER GRIP LIQUID CHALK FORMULA ALLOWS FOR EXTREMELY STRONG GRIP Our Liquid chalk has been made to provide the best grip available. We supply many gyms, climbing centres, yoga studios and much more. You can be sure that you are getting a high quality, tried & tested product.
    • CERTIFIED PUREST INGREDIENTS & MADE IN THE UK We use a very pure grade of magnesium carbonate. This gives our liquid chalk consistent and reliable results when you need them.

    Why should you use YAYB super grip liquid chalk?

    We offer a high quality liquid chalk and we only use the finest grade magnesium carbonate gripping chalk sourced certified in the UK & EU(This means consistently great gripping.)

    Cleans easily from your hands with warm soapy water. Comes in a 250ml handy size offering great value for money and giving you more for the same price as our competitors.

    Professional power lifters and strength athletes use YAYB liquid chalk. The reason being that it works incredibly effectively. One of our athletes has deadlifted over 400kg using YAYB Super Grip Liquid Chalk.

    Buy with confidence.