YAYB Protein Super Tacky 2.0 For Strongman Atlas Stone Loading

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Lift the heaviest stones and successfully grasp loads you never dreamed you could hold onto. This is suitable for any strongman events needing it or allowed which is mainly stones.

Super Tacky 2.0 has been developed to give the ultimate stone loading experience and is among the best, strongest tacky in the world with regard to performance. We have taken the time to test and trial different formulations to get the best available.

We Supply many nationally competitive strongmen in the UK with our tacky and other products. We have had stone loads in excess of 200kg performed with great success and feedback and our tacky is proving more and more popular every month that passes by.

 Made in the UK with the best ingredients. best value and best performance of any tacky. We keep the prices more competitive than any other tacky on the UK market for you the competitor by only selling directly. We know the strongman lifestyle is hard enough without most companies trying to overprice their products.

All in one formula which is suitable for most weather conditions. (you may need to heat the tacky in very cold conditions for best results. This can easily be achieved by putting the pot in hot water until desired consistency is reached)


Why Choose YAYB Protein Super Tacky 2.0?

Our tacky has been developed and improved even further to be used under the harshest conditions in both a competition and training setting. Our tacky offers the best value of any in the UK and like all of our products it has been rigorously tested to ensure performance when you need it the most. 

If you have any questions about our tacky that have not been covered please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you right away.