YAYB Triple Ply Elbow Sleeves - War Series (pair)

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  • YAYB Protein Triple Ply Elbow Sleeves are among the best on the market, manufactured to the highest standards.
  • Triple layered and reinforced stitched throughout. Perfect for Strongman, Powerlifting and any other strength sports requiring extremely high performance and support.
  • Our triple ply sleeves offer the most compression and tightness available which gives you some serious rebound and a very good boost in your pressing power!
  • Used by strongmen and strength athletes across the UK. There is a reason YAYB training equipment is becoming more popular by the day. We offer the best quality and value bar none. Made by people that understand your needs.
  • IMPORTANT Please measure the circumference of the elbow joint with your arm locked straight and then see the sizing chart in the images to get an optimum fit.                                                                                           
  • We advise that you get the help of a training buddy for the first few times of wearing to help you get them on. These are a tight fit and will give amazing lift increases.


Build quality

The build quality of our triple ply sleeves has been designed specifically for the harshest and most brutal training environments you will ever experience.

  • 180kg Log press? No problem.  
  • 230kg bench press? Easy
  • 150kg viking press for reps? In their sleep....

You get the idea!

Each layer is reinforced stitched and we use only the best materials available in the manufacturing process resulting in a bullet proof design. 

There is a 1 year guarantee on all of our triple ply sleeves.