YAYB Weight Lifting Belt With Double Lock Mechanism

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  • THE HIGHEST QUALITY with the added safety feature of a double locking mechanism. Many belts do not have this which causes them to slip. We think about things like that so our belts all come with double lock built in!
  • UNIFORM BELT width circumference of 4 inches. The size used in powerlifting. Meaning you can get the belt a little tighter. Having a wider belt is not a more effective way to prevent injury and means it is harder to get the belt tightness sometimes needed.
  • TAKE YOUR TRAINING up a level and get that bit more by using a good belt. Having more intra abdominal pressure by bracing against a belt can give you more tightness and more power! Add some more numbers to your Squat and Deadlift!
  • TOUGH GRADED MATERIALS so you can trust your belt when you need it to perform. Featuring inner padded high grade neoprene and an outer strength core.
  • YAYB EQUIPMENT is used by the strongest people in the North West UK including competitive strongmen.


We are a company that is serious about knowing what you need to take your training up a level! Get YAYB today.