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Many people ask what is the point of using a bench sling, or is it just cheating by helping you lift a bit more than you normally could?  One of the main benefits for training is the increase in strength that can be achieved by allowing more overload and more stimulation resulting in you being able to handle heavier weights. This then carries over to training without the sling too over a consistent period.  If you have stagnated in your bench level for a while a sling can really be the thing to break you out of that plateau. As...

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We are currently working to bring this to the store for March 2018. From this point we will be offering the best value and highest quality whey protein in the UK with the ability to choose multiple flavours per order.   I will be working hard to get this ready so keep your eyes open for the launch of this product. In the mean time we have many good branded products to choose from. Any more questions please contact me through the contact page. Thank you.

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